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Our Corporate Identity

Our Purpose

The "Spirit of the Ocean"
"Spirit of the Ocean" describes our passion. It lives in the diversity and uniqueness of maritime sports and lifestyle. It connects us with the ocean, with its creatures, with our team and with our community. As a founder-managed company of German origin, authenticity in our actions and our product quality, as well as openness towards our partners, customers and the environment are our top priorities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the market leader for sustainable maritime products and to inspire young people and maritime activists for our passion.

Our Mission

We want to achieve our goals by being transparent and sustainable in all our activities and by developing functional, innovative products in harmony with our partners, our customers and the environment.

Our values

Responsible cooperation

It is important to us to act respectfully, reliably and transparently towards our fellow human beings and nature.

Sustainable quality

Driven by innovation and with a lot of creativity we pay attention to functionality and durability for a sustainable product quality.

Our Spirit

The Spirit of the Ocean motivates and inspires us in our sport and shows itself in the team spirit, the adventure and the freedom on the water.

Many years of experience

As sailors, maritime enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we care about authenticity in our actions and professionalism and loyalty towards partners and customers.

High dynamics

Determination and agility keep us on course in the company and in the sport.

Visionary Explorer

Visionary we discover new markets and explore new possibilities to be a reliable companion for our partners and customers.


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Maritime fashion for every occasion!


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