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Recycled Polyester


All Marinepool products that are titled recycled are from certified sources. For example, our Ocean Recycled polo and t-shirt are certified with Repreve®. There are many types of recycling. Plastic waste recycling is particularly well known. This involves melting down packaging or bottles after they have been used and spinning them out.

The advantage

The problem with plastic is on the one hand the use of the limited raw material petroleum and on the other hand the pollution of nature with microplastics. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. This plastic is not naturally degradable and breaks down in nature into microscopic particles (microplastic). PET is used among other things in the production of plastic bottles. In second use polyester yarns are produced from these plastic bottles. By reusing the plastic already produced, the need for petroleum can be reduced. In addition, the plastic waste is prevented from ending up in nature, where it decomposes into microplastics. We only use certified recycled material. In this way, we want to ensure that only second-use plastic waste enters the recycling cycle.

Products made from recycled polyester


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