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Backpacks by Marinepool - Discover online now!

Discover our wide range of backpacks for school, sports or everyday life. The backpack is the perfect companion for everyone. Especially for travelling a backpack is ideal, as it allows the wearer to keep his hands free for important things like passport or mobile phone despite the luggage. Marinepool offers a wide range of diverse backpacks for women, men and children

Everything packed for school, university or work - the backpacks from Marinepool

A backpack is a practical accessory. Especially for school or university, you can store everything well with the help of this bag and even keep your laptop safe in a padded compartment inside the backpack. Good padding on the shoulder straps and the back area is crucial, especially for a so-called "school backpack". You should also always pay attention to the capacity of the backpack so that it does not burst at the seams. It is therefore advisable to consider the volume of the backpack in advance. Marinepool offers a wide range of 10L, 20L, 30L and 40L backpacks.

The waterproof backpacks from Marinepool - the perfect companion for water sports

When sailing or swimming, how quickly do clothes in the backpack get wet if it accidentally comes into contact with water. This is often very annoying. Marinepool has the perfect companions for water sports - the waterproof or water-repellent backpacks from Marienpool. Discover the AQ Sea Sack! With a volume of 30L, it is particularly in terms of capacity and is completely waterproof thanks to a roll closure. If you prefer something a little more handy, you can opt for the 15L version. Are you looking for a waterproof tote bag or a waterproof backpack? Then shop online at Marinepool!

Beach bags by Marinepool - the perfect companion for a day at the seaside

A day at the seaside usually can't be done without a suitable bag. Marinepool carries a diverse range of high-quality beach bags. The beach bag is a bulky bag, usually has obvious similarities with shoppers, so it is an all-round handbag suitable for everyday use. These bags offer a lot of storage space and robust materials ensure that the beach bag remains with every purchase.

The beach bag as a practical accessory - a must-have from Marinepool!

The more personal utensils are needed for the beach, the more important is the space in the beach bag. It is also advisable to pack a waterproof bag for wet swimwear and sun cream. Some beach bags from Marinepool have a separate outer compartment for shoes or wet swimwear. This keeps valuables like mobile phones and wallets stowed away dry in the inner security compartment. Some styles look like a cross between handbags and backpacks. The beach bag is a practical accessory that cannot be missed on the beach.

Régates Royales beach bags by Marinepool - Get the limited edition now!

Discover the limited edition of the Régates Royales Cannes by Marinepool now. The beautiful weekender or shopper should not be missing in your beach equipment. The maritime style is reflected in the colour scheme of the Régates Royales series! How about the RR Canvas Weekend Bag by Marinepool? The large main compartment with smaller inner pocket offers enough storage space for personal items. Fashionable navy-style shoulder straps and well-designed artwork make this bag the perfect companion for warm summer days. Discover online now!

The perfect all-rounder - the neoprene bags by Marinepool!

The small neoprene bags by Marinepool are the IT piece for maritime fans. The bags have good padding and a high-quality zip. This makes them ideal for use as a make-up bag, toiletry bag, pencil case or document bag - the perfect all-rounder for a variety of uses. The neoprene bags are available in different colours and sizes. The larger version can also be used as a laptop bag and offers optimal protection against shocks for sensitive computers.