100N EUROPE with double buckle CE-90+ kg

Unconscious safe foam filled lifejacket from Marinepool!
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FEATURES: A proven classic! The Europe solid vest from Marinepool has a buoyancy of 100N. The foam filled lifejacket is designed for a weight of 90kg. The faint-proof collar protects the head in an emergency from the dangerous drowning. The robust zipper and the adjustable belt at the hip provide a pleasant wearing comfort and an optimal fit.

Safety reflectors have also been attached to the collar to significantly increase visibility. The life jacket is equipped with leg straps. Due to the sophisticated design with several buoyancy chambers, the vest guarantees a high degree of freedom of movement. Ideal for ambitious sailors or water sports enthusiasts who want to play it safe!

- unconscious safe lifejacket
- 100N Buoyancy
- Design in signal colours
- Reflectors on the shoulder
- Leg straps and hip belt