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MARINEPOOL is the largest European manufacturer of lifejackets in the sports sector


To be properly dressed from the bottom layer, shop now underwear by Marinepool.

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Underwear - the important base layer!

Cheap functional underwear for women and men

High-quality underwear for men and women is an essential part of sailing or mountain sports. Whether for skiing, hiking or sailing, the innovative functional underwear by Marinepool feels soft and light on the skin and is also breathable. Functional underwear aparts from conventional cotton underwear! In combination midlayers or fleece jackets and with a protective hardshell like the sailcloth or the ski suit you are well prepared for all adventures and outdoor activities.

Underwear - whether skiing, sailing or walking!

The underwear serves as a base layer or inner layer, which rests directly on the skin. This layered clothing: the moisture and sweat are transported away from the skin and are absorbed by the functional fibers of the innovative fabric. Then the moisture is led away to the outside. A moist feeling is thereby avoided. Therefore, the functional underwear by Marinepool may not be missing in any athlete's wardrobe.

Long underwear - seamless and comfortable

A good fit is crucial for all sports activities. The marine underwear by Marinepool adapts perfectly to the body and is seamless. Heat-insulating fibers reliably protect the body from cold and wind and consist of a breathable polyester blend. As a result, the sweat is absorbed immediately and transported to the outside. Nothing can go wrong with Marinepool seamless underwear!

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