150N Aero Plus ISO Lifejacket LB UML PRO SENSOR with Zip, lifejacket

150N Aero ISO Plus Lifejacket LB UML PRO SENSOR Zip closure, lifejacket
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SKU: 5002880

FEATURES: 150N buoyancy through 33g CO2. one size fits all. Ultra light vest (approx. 700g in weight) made from robust 600D polyester. Low profile design ideal for agile day sailing or fast power craft. Zipper closure cover with excellently placed burst point. Ergonomic shape. Easy front entry donning with waist belt. Comfortable to wear due to optimized distributed weight. Very small and compact. Manual waistbelt version available. This Lifejacket uses a UML PRO SENSOR operating systems. Leg strap as standard on all models. Coarse polyester webbing so buckles do not slip.