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150N Junior ISO Lifejacket UML

150N Junior ISO Lifejacket UML - Lifejacket for Kids
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SKU: 5000601

FEATURES: 150N buoyancy through 24g CO2. Hook-and-loop closure cover. Ergonomic shape. ISO12402-3 deck safety harness. Comfortable to wear due to the optimised weight distribution across the shoulders. Choice of UML MK5 or Halkey Alpha operating system. Leg strap. Coarse polyester webbing so buckles do not slip. Bodyweight 15-40 kg.

• Recharge Kit: SKU 5000420 / 24g
• UML MK5 or Halkey Alpha operating system
• 150N buoyancy
• weight distribution

We also offer a maintenance service for your life jacket.
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