300N Pro ISO Lifejkt. LB UML ProSensor Sprayh. Light

Premium lifejacket from Marinepool with UML Pro Sensor
2-4 working days
SKU: 5002132

FEATURES: The Marinepool 300N ISO Pro lifejacket is equipped with a UML Pro Sensor inflator. Furthermore the vest has a sprayhood, a rescue light "Solarslight" as well as an integrated lifebelt according to ISO 12401. The 2-chamber automatic lifejacket is made of a robust nylon cover with safety reflectors. The arrangement of the air chambers ensures a fast turning time and transports the wearer into a safe position. The UML Pro Sensor inflator is automatically activated by water contact. The rescue system can also be inflated manually.

• Recharge Kit: SKU 5000087 / 60g
• Buoyancy of 275N / ISO 12402-2 /
• practical minimum buoyancy of 300N
• The inflation time is about 7 sec.
• United Moulders (UML) Pro Sensor
• 60g cartridge
• Inner cover: neon-yellow
• Outer shell: black
• A practical carrying bag with mesh insert is included.
• Minimum weight of the person: 40kg
• mouth inflator
• manual inflator
• Leg and crotch strap, lift loop


We also offer a maintenance service for your life jacket.
If you are not sure which set fits your life jacket, please contact us at info@marinestore.de