Carlos Blazer Men

Marinepool is famous for functionality and design. But with the new Carlos Blazer these qualities are taken to a new level.
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SKU: 1003820

FABRIC: 100% polyester

FEATURES: Winner in elegance and function - the innovative Carlos Blazer by Marinepool.
Especially for summer events such as award ceremonies or prize giving a sportive-elegant blazer is indispensable. But in all known blazers such an event becomes a torment. Sweating and the ensuing discomfort kills the mood on a beautiful summery day. But this is exactly where Marinepool is now helping. The new Carlos Blazer with innovative fieldsensor technology is the solution for all formal and chic performances in warm temperatures.

The technology of the Fieldsensor® makes use of the capillary action to bring the sweat to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates quickly. This keeps the wearer dry and it is comfortable to wear. The graded structure of the Fieldsensor® consists of a loose inner layer and a dense outer layer. This construction creates a capillary action that distributes the sweat on the outside surface for faster evaporation.

• sportive and elegant blazer
• innovative Fieldsensor® technology
• faster evaporation of sweat for a dry body feeling