DLRG Boot in Aktion
The German Life Saving Association (Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs Gesellschaft e.V. or DLRG) is supported by Marinepool to save numerous people from drowning. Since 1913, the DLRG has been active with its water rescue service and saves countless people annually at lakes and coasts. In addition, the organization advocates for water safety in the context of disaster and civil protection with its own "DLRG Foundation for Water Safety."

Marinepool supports the DLRG annually with a new rescue boat, which is christened at a press conference during the "boot Düsseldorf" trade fair. Furthermore, all rescue personnel are equipped with highly functional Marinepool clothing to ensure the best possible protection in every emergency situation. However, the collaboration between the DLRG and Marinepool goes even further, extending to product development. For example, the optimal positioning of reflectors is examined to ensure increased visibility in bad weather.

Marinepool places importance on continuously improving standards in all product areas, while prioritizing safety on the water. Thanks to the support of Marinepool, the DLRG can continue its important work and save even more lives.. For more information DLRG