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DLRG Boot in Aktion
Marinepool in cooperation with the German Water safety organization - Together with the German Life safety organisation (DLRG) foundation and its division water rescue service, Marinepool supports measures that help combating death through drowning.

Since 1913 the DLRG supports the lifesaving activities such as on water rescue stations at bathing lakes and coasts. Furthermore the “DLRG foundation for water security” supports civil protection activities and operations after natural disasters. The “Marinepool foundation” gives financial support in training specialists and managerial staff, according to the highest standards, and promoting voluntary civic engagement. Additionally all safety guards are equipped with high-functional Marinepool clothes, guaranteeing optimal protection for any operational situation. Safety leaves no room for compromises.

Marinepool aims to set the bars higher in every product category, while safety remains the most important focus; having highest priority especially on the water. For more information DLRG 

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