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Foldable Tec Visor

Marinepool Foldable Tec Visor - easily foldable and brandable with UV protection
2-4 working days
SKU: 1003444

FABRIC: 100% polyester

FEATURES: Foldable Visor by Marinepool provides optimal sun protection for the eyes! Water and dirt are rejected from the surface. In addition, this visor is adjustable via Velcro for optimal fit. The simple design has color-matching trim strips on the screen and the technical Marinepool logo lettering. Due to the foldability of the visor it is small and compact to store it easily. It is also very light. The Foldable Tec Visor is also ideal for team and crew clothing because it can be branded.

• optimal sun protection for the eyes
• foldable
• suitable for team and crew clothing

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