Régates Royales

1929 was the inaugural year of the legendary Régates Royales in Cannes. Ever since this regatta is the meeting point for the most successful sailors worldwide. The beautiful classic boats that take part at the “Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge” during the Régates Royales, offer a stunning view, not only for the sailors but also for the audience. Furthermore the Régates Royales hosts one of the most important Dragon races of the annual regatta calendar.  Top-Level patricians, including 80 ships and the worlds best sailing teams, lead by the Transbunker team, come together at this yearly event in Cannes.


The collection especially designed for the Régates Royales is very successful and represents this classical Regatta far beyond Côte d’Azure. The collection is distributed at selected stores, boutiques and airport shops throughout Europe and the Middle East.


Marinepool and Yacht Club de Cannes have been partners for many years and the Régates Royales collections resulting from this partnership have remained a success story. It was founded in 1860 and remains one of the most dynamic Yacht Clubs in the region, organising more than twenty races throughout the year. For more information Régates Royales


Since 1929, the Régates Royales in Cannes have been a meeting point for the most successful sailors. Beyond the competition, it is also a social event celebrating the gathering of sailors. The city of Cannes fully supports the event, using it as an occasion to showcase renowned local artists.
Up to 60 of the most beautiful classic yachts participate in this traditional regatta, with new classes joining annually. It is also one of the key Dragon class events with over 40 Dragons.

RR Collection

Marinepool creates a dedicated collection with a maritime style and attention to detail for the French regatta. Clothing with the Régates Royales logo is available on-site and in the online shop.