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Foam Filled Lifejackets

Be on the safe side on the lakes!

Foam lifejackets by Marinepool

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Different to automatic lifejackets, foam filled vests can always be used immediately - even directly after a person overboard. Normally foam filled lifejackets are only available as a buoyancy aid. With their buoyancy of 50N and 100N, they are particularly suitable for sailors and water sports enthusiasts who have frequent water contact. In terms of price, buoyancy aids differ significantly from automatic lifejackets. Due to the low price, buoyancy aids are especially popular with leisure sailors and sailing schools. Foam filled lifejackets are easy to clean and easy to handle and store - just store dry to avoid mold! That's why this type of lifejacket is also part of the basic equipment of every boat, ferry and cruise ship.

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