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Security – from 150N 'till 300 N

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OUR HIGHLIGHTS  |  150N Lifejackets

The 150N automatic lifejackets are specially designed for use near the coast, both for sailors and motor boaters.


OUR HIGHLIGHTS  |  180N Lifejackets

The 180N automatic lifejackets are ideal for sailors and motor boaters near the coast. Thanks to their newly developed design, the vests can be easily reactivated after being deployed.


The 220N lifejacket integrated into a sailing jacket is tailor-made for use by pilots and harbour personnel thanks to its easy handling.

OUR HIGHLIGHTs  |  300N Lifejackets

The 300N lifejackets are specially designed for offshore sailors. With maximum buoyancy and high wearing comfort, they are ideal for any offshore adventure.


Automatic lifejackets by Marinepool

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Marinepool is the synonym for safety on board and on the water. With all the years of development work and expertise Marinepool offers a wide range of lifejackets. Life jackets differ by their buoyancy of swimming aids. As the name implies, swimming aids only provide assistance in swimming, as they only have a lift of 50N to 100N. In general, such vests are made of foam and therefore they are not faint save and unconscious persons.

The right life jacket for every area

Marinepool offers not only foam filled lifevests, but especially automatic lifejackets in different classifications to buoyancy in Newton. So you can choose the right lifejacket for the respective application and area - whether 150N for coastal and inshore waters or 300N especially for the offshore use or for the professionals and commercials. Here you will find the life-saving automatic vest for every area.
As market leader, Marinepool continues to develop its portfolio. For example, we are further expanding our market position with innovations such as an offshore sailing jacket or a lightweight t-shirt with integrated lifejacket.

Automatic vests are part of the standard safety equipment on board

In case of emergency, automatic lifejackets save lives! Not only in extreme conditions in heavy seas, but also from other circumstances, you can fall overboard. The automatic vest rises immediately and saves you from drowning. From certain buoyancy classes, the automatic lifejackets are unconscious persons. Accessories such as sprayhoods protect against flying water and spray. In addition, we offer our approved lifejackets the matching lifelines with safety hooks for picking and LED Solas lights. Take care of your safety on board and trust in a Marinepool automatic rescuevest - buy now for top prices here in the online shop.