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  1. The Yacht "price-performance tips": our life jackets

    "YACHT" magazine recently tested life jackets from various manufacturers, including two models from Marinepool:

    The 180N RACER ISO and the 300N Pro 3D ISO with MA1 release.

    Both were rated "GOOD" (like the test winners)!

    The 180N RACER ISO was awarded the "Price-Performance Tip" and was praised for its easy foldability and high freeboard.

    The 300N Pro 3D ISO with MA1 "Hammar" release was also awarded the "Price-Performance Tip" and was able to impress in the test with its innovative release system, which is protected against unintentional false releases.

    Both vests combine safety, comfort and innovation and are a reliable choice for water sports enthusiasts.

    Take advantage of the low set prices of the YACHT "Price-Performance-Tips" and purchase the life jackets directly in our online store!